Issues Commonly Encountered in My Practice:

Relationship problems
Severe depression  
Acute anxiety, phobias, excessive guilt
Adjustment to divorce and loneliness
Marital conflict or divorce
Loss of loved one, child/parent/spouse 
Mental illness, Bipolar disorder 
Emotional problems related to illness  
Unresolved feelings about parents 
Child abuse (victims and abusers) 
Lack of self esteem 
Excessive anger and outbursts 
Recovering alcoholics 
Poor impulse control 
Loss of faith after a loss or tragedy
Aftercare for patients who have been  
   hospitalized or have severe illness
Retirement and or job loss




My office is located in the 500 Clear Lake Executive Suites building in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida.  

My location is just minutes from I-95 highway, the Florida Turnpike, or the Tri-Rail system and offers privacy and comfort for personal, family, or group sessions.  

I am also available for private phone sessions, or private online video sessions.

Please contact me to discuss your treatment options, or with any questions that you may have.

Call   561-798-1430

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