Issues Commonly Encountered in My Practice:

• Relationship problems
• Severe depression  
• Acute anxiety, phobias, excessive guilt
• Adjustment to divorce and loneliness
• Marital conflict or divorce
• Loss of loved one, child/parent/spouse 
• Mental illness, Bipolar disorder 
• Emotional problems related to illness  
• Unresolved feelings about parents 
• Child abuse (victims and abusers) 
• Lack of self esteem 
• Excessive anger and outbursts 
• Recovering alcoholics 
• Poor impulse control 
• Loss of faith after a loss or tragedy
• Aftercare for patients who have been  
   hospitalized or have severe illness
• Retirement and or job loss




   "How can I possibly sum up the value of therapy in one paragraph when it literally saved my life? What I got out of therapy: my life, dignity, hope, a sense of humor. Mimi, you were there in a way that no one else had ever been there before. You were my mentor, my mirror, my rock and my anchor. You were there -- always. I learned to trust, to keep coming back, to stay in the now. I learned that while my past was important and what made me who I am, I had a future that I was responsible for. You provided an environment in which I could grow, experiment, and learn from. You were a wonderful model for me in countless ways. Individual therapy provided an atmosphere of stability, sanity, and safety so that I could look at parts of my life which shamed me. Group therapy provided an opportunity to explore how those parts interrelated and how I might integrate them into a healthy self. Most importantly, I came to realize that I could form relationships of depth and intimacy with others that would enrich and give meaning to my life. Group therapy provided the opportunity to share who I was with people who were different from me. This was especially helpful because of the many different perspectives that come to bear in a group setting. I was surprised to learn that conflict does not have to be destructive, but in fact, can actually lead to increased intimacy if the parties involved are caring and respectful in their communications."   Linda

   "Mimi Stephan was a godsend to me. I have suffered from chronic physical illnesses and depression for over 25 years. During that time, I've seen several therapists. Mimi Stephan, with empathy and dignity, helped me more than any of the others. Not only is she a consummate professional, she is willing to go the extra mile for her clients. When Mimi moved to Florida, I continued our sessions via telephone for several months. Even on long distance, Mimi was helpful and insightful. I recommend her most highly."   John

   "After working with Mimi, my life is different in almost every way, and each way for the better. I cannot imagine living my life today without that self that Mimi was so instrumental in helping me uncover and become. I could not have found myself without Mimi's help and guidance."   Mary

   "When I first started therapy with Mimi Stephan, I was sure I would see her only a few times, a month at most, get my life all straightened out and live life just as "perfectly" as I had the previous 32 years. I was on the brink of divorce, and like that relationship, felt I would give my therapy relationship time when I could. It took me awhile but I finally began to understand that my life was up to that point a mess. Most of my problems stemmed from my past, and until I understood my history I was doomed to repeat it again and again. I never would have reached this point without the sometimes gentle, often Marine sergeant like help of Mimi. It is because of her that I am now the functioning person I am, understanding that my past is just that and not some prison cell from which there is no escape. I have not had a greater influence and guide as Mimi. By the way, that month long idea turned into six years of weekly individual and group work and has been and will be the best investment of my life...the investment in me. I only wish the rest of the world could receive this kind of care, which came from Mimi but really came from within myself. My mother gave me life, but Miriam Stephan taught me how to live."   Matt

   "I had no idea what to look for in a therapist, but my physician sent me to Mimi and the direction of my life was changed. I am and will always be eternally grateful for her help. I sought help to reconcile the difference between my external and internal worlds. On the outside I had a loving husband, a great job, took 2 exotic vacations per year and had more money than I’d ever imagined. I knew there were people who would love to trade places with me, but I couldn’t bear getting up every morning to face the day. I hated my life and felt completely trapped. Mimi helped me work through the immediate depression and uncover the sources of the depression. During my journey and discovery of me, I grieved the loss of my father and learned how loss affected my relationships and day to day living. I learned a lot about anger. Initially, I couldn’t recognize anger, didn’t think that anger and love could coexist, and saw anger as 100% evil. What a surprise to find out I was a very angry person. Mimi taught me how to express anger rationally and what to do when I feel angry other than suppress it. My relationship with Mimi was a lesson in trust. Mimi always did what she said she would do and demanded the same of me. I never had reason to doubt that she had only my best interest at heart. From her I learned how to act in a professional, honest and caring relationship and what treatment to expect in return. She taught me that my needs are just as important as other’s needs; that I am the only one responsible for the choices in my life; and to have the courage of my convictions. I still have a loving husband, ditched the job that wasn’t so great for me and take only 1 vacation per year. While I can no longer spend mindlessly, my life is richer than before therapy because I enjoy each day and the choices I get to make this a good life for me."   Pat

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